Artificial nail types: Acrylic, gels and silks

Artificial nail types: Acrylic, gels and silks

Artificial nail types: Acrylic, gels and silks
Artificial nail types: Acrylic, gels and silks

Nail art looks very trendy and those women who can’t grow their nails wish to do anything to get long and beautiful nails. The worst part about growing nails is when they break off. In order to have long nails you can now wear artificial nails. These nails come in 3 types which are; acrylic, gel, silk. The acrylic nails are however not very good for your natural nails. In order to have your natural nails safe and you can prefer wearing artificial gel nails and have a neat look for your nails.

Nail types

1. Acrylic artificial nails

Acrylic nails are the type of artificial nails that gives you a long nail look when naturally you have short nails. These artificial nails are applied on your fingertips after a coating of powder mixed liquid. The mixture is left to dry and then the nail topping is pressed on it. The nail starts to get hardened but it is no harm to the natural nail. There is an odor that starts filling the environment because of the nails. The acrylic nail grows with your natural nails and after time you should get to the salon in order to uplift your nail and remove it if you don’t need it anymore. It might be harmful to your natural nail when it comes to constant usage. When removing the acrylic nails you need to soak them in nail polish removal for minimum 15 minutes and then they will easily peel off. If your nail gets broken you might get bacterial or fungal problem so you need to be very careful.

2. Gel artificial nails

Gel nails are more natural looking then acrylic nails and they are long lasting with no problems. These artificial nails are very easy to manage and you can easily have them on your fingers. These gel nails are brushed onto your original nails and after every coating your nails are exposed to UV light for 2 minutes to harden the nails. There is no smell of the application process. Reports, however, say that exposure to UV light causes cancer but this exposure is not for long. If someone wants to stay alert they should. Gel nails are expensive than acrylic nails but their coating and shine lasts longer without any chipping. The gel nails can be removed by soaking in nail polish removal. If these nails are loose, you can get bacteria or fungal problems.

3. Silk artificial nails

Silk nails are fiber nails which are used to cure cuts, broken nails or weak nails and help them grow. Some of the nails are silk but they are also of linen, paper or fiberglass. These silk nails are glued on your fingertips. These nails are temporary and cause no harm. You can take them off at any minute and then you can get them off too. Silk nails are very delicate and even if you want to wash dishes with them on, you can stick them again

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