Baby Curly Hair Tarantula Is An Amazing Pet!!

Baby curly hair tarantulas are easy to handle. You can even play with baby curly hair tarantula; just put it on your hand and roll your finger all over its body. Moreover not every specie is of the same temperament so deal with it carefully. Baby curly hair tarantula has plain black color all over its body with little shiny gold and tan hair on it, so it gives a good design to it. It has 8 legs and these tarantula’s are from Costa Rica, which are located in the forests and found on mountains also.

Baby Curly Hair Tarantula Is An Amazing Pet!!

The baby Curly hair Tarantula is a perfect tarantula sort for a person due to its quiet nature and small size. This is one of the best species of spider to be kept as a pet. If you wish to keep baby tarantula in your house then you have to put in plastic deli container with hole in the top and potting some soil in that plastic box. Baby tarantulas are a great pet to have because of their calm nature. It means they do not bite you or cause any harm but if you annoy the spider, then its curly flick hair cause rashes and could irritate your skin. Most species are carrying “urticating” hair in their body. These are defensive hair if these hair enter into someone’s eye then this may cause a severe problem so extra care should be taken while handling such species.

Being a Terrestrial sort, you have to provide the baby curly hair tarantula with more deep space than height. Provide logs, rocks, plant pot and put some soil in the container for the Curly Hair to hide under. Baby tarantula growth speed is very slow. They are about 3-4cm in length. A temperature of 20-23°C is suitable for baby tarantulas. If you have a central heated system in your room where you have kept baby tarantula then there is no need to use any other devices to maintain the temperature during the winter. Apart from this, you have to maintain the temperature in autumn and spring because of cold weather. You may use a heating mat which maintains the temperature of your enclosure and provide comfortable environment to your pet. Cricket and locusts are often suggested for baby curly hair tarantula or you can try some livestock which you caught yourself such as moths small lizards and earthworms. If you prefer good food for your baby curly hair tarantula then it should be ensured that food be kept at normal temperature.

Water is vital for baby curly hair tarantula. It can survive for 3-4 weeks without food but would die without water. Therefore a small pot of water should be always present in front of baby curly hair tarantula. Before a baby curly hair tarantula is bought one should know each aspect about the tarantula i.e. in which condition they survive or die, what food do they eat how to take care of them etc. Many baby curly hair tarantulas die in the first 6 or 7 days because may be a suitable environment was not prepared for them. It is one of the precious species of the spider family and is famous to be kept as a pet.

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