Hijab is not a piece of cloth on your head

Hijab is not a piece of cloth on your headCovering your head is not an obligation but a necessity. Wearing a hijab is a must requirement for your religion. A Muslim woman must own a hijab and wear it to cover her head because hijab is not just a piece of cloth on your head it is a symbol of respect for your religion. Though there are many reasons for a lady to not cover her head but the best way to live your life is to cover your head and move in society with respect. These days’ people consider wearing hijab a symbol of fashion and they try to look prominent with it. The reason for wearing hijab is not to look bad or to suit up differently. The main reason is to cover your hair and make sure that no male gets to see your hair. Women are the respect of men and their house. In order to maintain that respect, women need to make sure that they are covered in the manner that can keep their respect honored. Hijab can be worn in the best way to cover your head and there is no woman who has worn hijab and not looked pretty. The blessings of Allah Almighty start to spread all over the woman wearing hijab.

There are many women who start wearing hijab out of love for the religion at first and when they think they cannot carry it on, they take it off. There is no harm in wearing a hijab. Even if the society doesn’t accept you, you have to return to Allah and there should be no one else superior. Cover yourself enough to make sure that no one looks at you with bad eyes. There can be reasons for why women take off their scarf and it should not be a matter of disrespect for her. People can always tell her to stay focused on the Day of Judgment. By telling someone to stay focused on your religion and avoid worldly fame, you can be rewarded. There are people who really want to follow the path of religion and the society never lets them.

Wearing hijab is a sacred affair. A woman looks elegant with this cover on her head. There are different ways by which women can wear a scarf and with these ways you can relax and look peaceful. The style of wearing a hijab depends on you and so does the choice of wearing it. Don’t worry about anything and just stay focused whenever you want to begin wearing the hijab. Don’t wear it if you’re not satisfied from within because this thing is to satisfy you from within. Yes the worldly affairs will damage your focus but don’t let it happen to you. This can be your way of trying that you can stay firm on a decision that you have made. Don’t let people tell you that you can’t cover your head or that you shouldn’t. Ask your Allah and follow in the right direction irrespective of others opinion. See below step by step hijab wearing.

How to wear Hijab


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