Hijab styles for different face shapes

Wearing hijab is a very prestigious act. It raises the level of respect of the person wearing it everyone’s eyes. This is a symbol of elegance and people love to cover themselves when they have knowledge of its benefits. There are different styles of hijabs that can be worn according to your face shape. With every face cut your hijab style can be changed and you can look pretty. Hijab makes a woman look really pretty no matter how they are dressed. Hijab is the covering of your head and it helps you get the best way of covering yourself.

The styles of hijab include;

1. Loose hijab

2. Tight grip hijab

3. Heighted hijab

4. The normal hijab.

Loose hijab

Wearing loose hijab is not something you have to pin out in people. It is also a style of wearing hijab and some people are more comfortable in wearing loose hijab. You can wear any style of hijab and it will look amazing on you. The loose hijab is the one in which you just give one loose turn to your hijab and that is it. It gives a very elegant look and you can feel comfortable too.

Tight grip hijab

The tight grip hijab is the one in which the person wearing a hijab tightens it and makes it look really amazing. You can make your hijab tight by giving it a lot of grips. It will form a shape and form it on your head. It will look amazing.

Heighted hijab

Heighted hijab is the style of Iranian hijabs. It is an amazing hijab style in which hump is made with the help of your hair and now day’s women make a bun and wear caps to make a big hump. This hijab style is unique and it looks amazing on almost every woman. You don’t have to do anything for making it a hump. All you have to do is wear a band and then get the hijab on it.


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