How To Snag Blake Lively’s Vintage Waves

We LOVE Blake lively. This hair divinity invariably appearance therefore recent and trendy. It helps that she has stunning blonde hairstyles, however additionally as a result of she invariably picks designs that go with her options. Blake found some way to wear a really iconic/retro hairstyle and really create it her own. It’s stylish, cool and red carpet prepared. to not mention very modern! It’s simple to check why many ladies use her for their own hair inspirations.

How To Snag Blake Lively’s Vintage Waves

Want to steal her infamously fabulous waves? We chatted with Alberto VO5 Hair knowledgeable Chris Lospalluto and he showed us how!

Prep hair with VO5 Full Body + Shine Shampoo and Conditioner to administer hair several body. Then use VO5’s Hot Oil Treatment to administer hair most health and shine.

1. Once hair is wet wet, apply a volumizing mousse (Chris likes VO5’s Salon Series good Hold Styling Mousse) to administer hair some strength for the wave set.

2. Pre-dry hair whiles not a brush to induce a number of the water out, then produce a deep facet half.

3. Begin sectioning the hair on one facet of the half into 3 horizontal sections.

4. Take every section one by one and roll it up with a velcro roller or crimp clip.

5. Proceed to the opposite facet of the half and repeat steps 3 and 4.

6. For the rear, take 2 massive rollers and wrap solely the ends round the rollers. flip your hair dryer on high and dry your hair.

7. Take away rollers or clips. Gently spray a paddle or Mason Pearson brush with VO5’s Salon Series good Hold Hairspray to eliminate static and permit waves to constitute place. Brush through hair, softening up the curls into massive, soft waves.

8. Lastly, take a hairgrip and pin the face with less hair back behind your ear. Spray everywhere with hairspray for shine and a protracted lasting hold all night.

Now rock that Blake spirited hair with a method all of your own!

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