How to Stop Nail Biting

Some Anti-Nail Biting Tips that actually Work!

Write The Why. Breaking a habit is significantly easier after you wish the result quite the habit. Write down why you wish to prevent biting your nails and place the list somewhere terribly visible. By perpetually reminding yourself why you wish to prevent biting your nails you’ll be less probably to fall off the finger-nibbling bandwagon.

Nail Biting
Schedule Six Manicures. whether or not you head to a neighborhood salon or DIY your own a-home manicure, get a manicure hebdomadally for 6 weeks. this can not solely create your pinkies as pretty as doable and limit the chance of your aiming to city together with your teeth, however additionally can enable you to exchange your unhealthy cliff-hanging habit with a nail-nurturing habit.

Put Polish In Your Purse. If you usually have a bottle of cosmetics in your purse, you’ll be additional inclined to the touch up your broken nails than you may be to choose or bite them off.

Care For Your Cuticles. Keep your cuticles well cared for and your nails can grow in additional quickly and stronger. and therefore the quicker you see the advantages of your no-biting ways that, the additional probably you’ll be to stay with it.

Tell Your Friends. Let your friends grasp that you’re operating to be told a way to stop biting your nails and raise them to assist by gently reminding you after they see you’re tempted to require teeth to talons. It’ll hold you responsible and cause you to aware once your subconscious takes over.

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