Keira Knightley opens up about THAT topless photo shoot

Back in August of this year, Keira Knightley display topless forInterview magazine.

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Now, Brits thespian has unconcealed why she selected to travel clean for the lensman, Patrick Demarchelier.  Talking toThe Times newspaper, Keira said: “I’ve had my body manipulated such a large amount of totally different times for so many alternative reasons, whether or not it’s paparazzi photographers or for film posters.

“That [shoot] was one in every of those wherever I said: ‘OK, i am fine doing the topless shot ciao as you do not build them any larger or retouch.’ as a result of it will feel vital to mention it very does not matter what form you’re.”

Well said, Keira.

Keira, UN agency graced the November issue of GLAMOUR, conjointly said: “I suppose women’s bodies square measure a field of honor and photography is partially accountable. Our thusciety is so photographic currently, it becomes harder to check all of these different kinds of form.”

Here is Keira Knightley as you have ne’er seen her before: topless, together with her hair wet and not a Bend It Like Beckham soccer kit or Pirates Of The Caribbean bustle in view. No, Keira has display for the raunchy shots for Interview Magazine.

In a rare twist, it absolutely was the 29-year-old thespian who asked the queries – andKeira was interviewing the lensman of her shoot, the far-famed Patrick Demarchelier.

Keira told Patrick: “You aforesaid one thing very attention-grabbing to Pine Tree State on the shoot: ‘You need to relax your face, as a result of that is what smart picture acting is, a relaxed face. it is the same issue as having photos taken.'”

Patrick replied: “The face is meant to be relaxed”, with Keira agreeing: “You’re fully right. it’s extremely funny, as a result of no lensman has ever said that to me before and created the sort of affiliation between the 2 things.”

In the uncommon interview, Keira conjointly unconcealed that she has spent her summer reading books to decide on her next film. “What am I doing? I simply bought a load of books that i am going to scan over the summer and hopefully opt for another film supported that. i do not recognize if that’ll happen, however it’s quite great way of operating,” she said.

The September issue of Interview, wherever the photos seem, is named “The Photographer’s Issue”, with six photographers capturing their “ideal woman” on camera.

Other subjects within the issue can embody Nicole Kidman, Noemi mythologist, Lea Seydoux, Amber valletta and Daria Werbowy.

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