Major Manicure Mistakes to Avoid

Whether you’re an elaborate nail art kind gal or prefer a short and sweet neutral nail, manicures are a part of all of our wardrobes. In fact, if you ask us, they’re our favorite accessory – and not only because we can DIY it, afford it and change it as often as we change our moods! No matter your polish preference, though, a healthy nail bed is essential for ensuring your nail polish goes on effortlessly, dries flawlessly and lasts impeccably. So, you ask, how do you ensure you have a healthy nail bed? Well, you start by avoiding these 3 major manicure mistakes with tips.


3 Major Manicure Mistakes To Avoid

Biting Your Nails. This is relatively obvious, but if you’re a nail biter, stop! Sure, stress wrecks havoc on all our lives, but chewing off those nails of yours isn’t the answer. The detriment to the appearance of your manicure, though, is only half the problem. The other half: the underlying damage it causes both for your nail bed and potentially your immune system (do you even know what’s under those fingernails?!).

Skipping Base Coat. We know, we know, you’re pressed for time and cutting a seemingly inconsequential step appears to be an easy way to save time. Skipping the base coat, though, is neither inconsequential nor an easy way to save time. Rather, skipping the base coat on your next manicure can cause your nails to break, you nail beds to appear stained and your manicure to chip faster than ever. Plus, base coats contain important nutrients that your nails need.

Getting Buffer Happy. While buffing your nails (in moderation!) can help keep nail beds uniform and eliminate any bumps and ridges, buffing your nails also strips your relatively thin nails of their top layers and can cause to thin, brittle and weak nails – so never buff your nails more than once a month.

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