Simple Yet Trendy Mehndi Designs for Back Hands

Want to make your hands look trendy and special on occasions? Easy mehndi designs for back hands are the ultimate solution to give your back hands a distinctive look. Mehndi is famous all over the world especially in the eastern countries. May it be a wedding or any kind of a traditional festival, mehndi has become a must for all girls and ladies .Most of the females find the events incomplete without the application of mehndi on hands.

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Applying mehndi on the back hands has become more popular now days. There is a vast range of simple and elegant mehndi designs available for this purpose. These designs make your hands look a way too different from others and make you stand out amongst the other ladies.

There are various types of mehndi styles available which include Persian, Arabic, Indian, Pakistani and many more from you to choose from. Mehndi has become a part of lifestyle these days and when it comes to mehndi on the back hands it’s in much more fashion than mehndi overall the hands.

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There are lot of stunning easy mehndi designs for back hands; they can be round designs, peacock mehndi, black mehndi, and floral, paisley, glitter and shaded mehndi designs that can be applied on back hands. Easy mehndi designs for back hands can sometimes become an ornament for the hands when applied in such a way so as to give the design the look of a ring, chain or bangles. It starts from the middle finger on both the hands and runs down the back of the hand till the wrist.

Simple back hand mehndi design can also consist of leaf shaped motifs. The main thread of leaves runs down only through the middle finger, so that jewellery can be easily worn on the other fingers without hiding the mehndi design. The finger tips are decorated with small and simple designs.

A very modern twist to the traditional mehndi design is the tribal block design which runs down through the little finger. This back hand mehndi design looks trendy and can be sported for any kind of event. Girls can also use it as a tattoo without applying mehndi on the palm.

Easy mehndi designs for back hands lie on the centre of the back hand where geometrical shapes have been used to make the pattern. This hinders the use of traditional flower and leaf motifs; therefore this particular style turns out to be unique yet elegant.

No matter whether it is a wedding, a spring festival, eid or any such event females find it their first priority to choose the most simple and beautiful back hand mehndi designs in order to give a traditional look to their hands. Ladies select back hand mehndi designs according to the event that they are going to attend. Thus there is a variation of mehndi designs from one occasion to the other. Large studded mehndi on backhands starting from finger tips till the arms is found appropriate for brides while a simple design with a few motifs and flowers is appropriate for other various happenings.

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