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Symptoms of diabetessymptoms of diabetes, what causes diabetes
Diabetes is an ever growing disease and there is an increased growth is the upheaval of symptoms of diabetes. While the diagnosis of type 2 symptoms of diabetes is often difficult, the symptoms of diabetes of type 1 are relatively easier to detect. Severity and outbreak of the symptoms of diabetes may vary from person to person.
Some of the symptoms of diabetes overlap both in type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. However it is important to realize that symptoms of diabetes start showing up late after the disease has started developing so it is important not to ignore any such symptoms after they start showing up.

What causes diabetes?

There are many medical and scientific researches that indicate that what causes diabetes. Understanding of treatment of diabetes begins with comprehending of what causes diabetes. The most major cause of diabetes is the shortage of insulin in the human body. This disease may also be acquired genetically due to presence in heredity.
What causes diabetes can also be explained by the condition where the body fails to utilize the insulin present in the human body. This cause of diabetes is referred to as insulin resistance. Lack of adequate physical movement and plumpness may also become a cause of diabetes in some people.

Type 1 diabetes symptoms

Almost all of the symptoms of type 1 diabetes are associated with the lack of insulin in the human body. One major symptom of type 1 diabetes may be where the body is unable to produce enough insulin as required by the human body. The insulin producing cells of the body may be destroyed and as a result the symptoms of type 1 diabetes may develop in the patient.
Type 1 diabetes symptoms are more common and prominent among young children and people of old age, but the symptoms of type 1 diabetes are in no way restricted to these ages and can occur any time during the life cycle. If one or both of the biological parents has type 1 diabetes it may be eventually passed on to the children.
The symptoms of type 1 diabetes may appear long after the disease has slowly started developing in the body. Common symptoms of type 1 diabetes may include haziness in the vision, increased desire to drink something, excessive dryness of the mouth, more than the usual urination, unusual loss in weight, weakness or tiredness and other related symptoms of type 1 diabetes may be common.

Type 2 diabetes symptoms

People undergo different medical tests and procedures to indicate the presence of type 2 diabetes symptoms. However there is a common set of symptoms of type 2 diabetes that may indicate an increased risk of this disease in a person. These include some of the symptoms from type 1 diabetes while the others are irritation or itch on the skin, unusual pain in the legs, increase in the urination routine, and dryness of the mouth combined with an increase in the thirst, inability of the body to heal cuts and wounds and other related symptoms.

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