The difference between gel and acrylic nails

The difference between gel and acrylic nails

The difference between gel and acrylic nails
The difference between gel and acrylic nails

Sometimes you have no idea where you would head next and then comes an event to where you have to go all dresses up. Nails are the beauty of girl’s hand. A girl needs to grow her nails in order to give her hands the beauty they deserve and when you haven’t grown them for an unexpected event, the artificial nails help you out. There are two types of most used artificial nails which include the good type and an average type. The good type is a gel nail which can be used for days of events. These nails never fail to help you out at your event. Then there is the average fake nail which is the acrylic nail type. This nail is good for time being but has a few


Difference between gel and acrylic nails

1. Odor

The odor of acrylic nails increases when you apply them on your fingers. However the gel nails do not have any odor.

2. Appearance

Acrylic nails look less natural than other types of nails. If they are not placed correctly on your fingers they might not look good as well. Gel nails look more natural than any other type of fake nails. They appear glossy and look good.

3. Durability

Acrylic nails are long lasting nails. This type of artificial nails can last longer than any other nail type. However the gel nails do not last longer than acrylic. They wear off after a short time period.

4. Cost

Acrylic nails are cheaper than any other type of nails. That is why people prefer them more. Gel nails are of a moderate price and are good because of their price rate.

5. Curing time

Acrylic nails have a slow curing time period. The acrylic powder mix is applied to your acrylic nails and left for curing. This takes some time. However the gel nails fast and takes UV light for curing. Some of the gel nails cure with gel activator and they do not require UV light.

6. Flexibility

The acrylic nails get hardened as they get dry. They are stiffened. Gel nails, on the other side, are more flexible than any other nail type.

7. After effects

Acrylic nails, when applied incorrectly can cause damage to the nails. It can cause fungal infections and leave bad impressions on your nails. Gel nails can be applied without a coating and do not harm your nails. However if prolonged exposure to water is made, it can cause fungal infections.

Acrylic and gel nails are both artificial nails. These nails are used for your passing a good function with long nails. They give natural look but not for a long time. Acrylic nails are not very good fake nails. But gel nails help you get a good look of the nails and they can pass your event easily. The nail types matter when you’re trying to pass an event without any problem and gel nails will be the best option for you.

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