The Easiest Knotted Updo Tutorial Ever

Hello everyone! This is often Jenny Strebe from Confessions of a stylist and that i am back to indicate you ways to make the simplest (and most gorgeous!) knotted updo ever. It’s super cute, somewhat boho, and ludicrously simple to make.

DIY updos will seem to be quite the discouraging task; however my knotted updo tutorial proves otherwise. This vogue is nice for second-day hair! If you’ve seen my tutorial for the right hair set, this knotted look may be a nice plan of what to try and do with those beautiful strands consecutive day. Again, this knotted updo is super simple to recreate. Virtually all you’ve got to understand a way to do is place a knot in your hair! Let’s get started…

The Easiest Knotted Updo Tutorial Ever


1. Beginning within the front of your head, separate a one to two inch section of hair. Split the section in 0.5 and build a straightforward knot.

2. Continue an equivalent knotting technique till you reach all-time low of your ear, adding somewhat a lot of hair to every knot as you’re employed your manner down.

3. Once you reach your ear, you’ll continue an equivalent adding hair and knotting technique, however currently you’ll work back towards the back end space rather than simply straight down.

4. Once you reach the middle/back of your head, work the knots down the length of the hair and secure the top with clear elastic. Take care to form these last knots somewhat tight as a result of they tend to loosen on their own.

5. Currently move to the opposite aspect of your head and begin your knotting from behind the ear, operating down till you run out of hair. Secure the ends with associate degree elastic.

6. Currently that each knotted sections area unit complete, gently tug at your knots to form them look somewhat fuller and provides the look somewhat a lot of texture.

7. Take the ends of 1 of your knotted sections, drape it back and to the opposite aspect of your head and secure it with a hairgrip.

8. Take the remaining section and drape it back and over similarly, securing with police officer pins as required.

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