The Perfect Double Bun Tutorial

Hello everyone! It’s Melissa from Missy Sue (previously My Soul is that the Sky) and that i am here to share a fun, new hairstyle that includes a singular roll. an excellent roll that creates you’re feeling stunning and brings compliments from others may be a hairstyle that ought to invariably be unbroken in your repertoire. This double roll appearance elegant associated has an air of involution, however in all fairness simple to make.

The Perfect Double Bun Tutorial

Updos, like this one, square measure elegant and work dead for special occasions like weddings and promenade. There square measure such a big amount of completely different variations and square measure particularly convenient for keeping your hair out of the approach whereas showing off your dress at constant time.


•           One fried cake roll

•           Two metal-free hair elastics

•           Four hair pins


1. Begin by smoothing all the hair up into a high hairdo.

2. Grab your favorite fried cake hair accent and thread the hairdo through the middle.

3. Unfold the hair round the edges of the fried cake and pop elastic over the highest.

4. Separate the hair protruding from the fried cake into 2 halves, left and right.

5. beginning on the correct aspect, twist the hair towards the roll and convey the twist the front of the roll, towards the left ear.

6. Secure the ends of the hair with a pin next to the fried cake roll.

7. Currently move to the left aspect and start twisting the hair within the different direction.

8. Lay the twist before of the opposite one and secure it next to the roll furthermore.

9. Gently loosen the fried cake roll by propulsion the hair up to make the illusion of a bigger roll.

10. End with hairspray and you’re done!


  • When transferrable the hair up into the hairdo, spritz it with water as you sleek it into place.
  • Use associate elastic device that’s metal-free therefore it doesn’t snag and tear your hair
  • Use wide hair pins in order that they will be softened into the roll and command in situ easier.
  • Smooth down flyaways with a number of spritzes of hairspray.

I hope you’ve got enjoyed this double roll tutorial and can attempt it for your next special occasion! For even a lot of hair, beauty and DIY fun.

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