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Glucagon and insulin perform opposing functions inside the human body. While the glucagon aims at elevating the state of blood glucose, the insulin aims at diminishing it. If the blood sugar level falls relatively low, the body needs to release glucagon, while if the blood sugar level shoots up, body is in instant need of insulin.
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Insulin functions to use up the glucose already found in our body and this is how it monitors the level of glucose and consequently the glucagon in the human body. Insulin resistance diabetes is the name usually attributed to the type 2 diabetes. In this case, the body loses its ability to use up the glucose and hence the insulin fails to perform its function, glucagon level rises.

The inability of the body to respond to the insulin being inserted into the body by natural or artificial methods is commonly known as insulin resistance diabetes. One common method suggested to overcome the presence of insulin resistance diabetes is to employ insulin resistance diet.

Insulin resistance diet generally refers to a diet rich in carbohydrates and low in glucagon. The human body needs to break up the constituent carbohydrates into small sugar elements before the carbohydrate can be put to effective use. Thus a diet that has greater proportion of absorbable carbohydrates and lesser glucagon can be used as insulin resistance diet.

Patients who have developed insulin resistance diabetes fail to control the level of blood glucose and in their body; this type of resistance can be effectively managed with insulin resistance diet, and the resistance can be cut up to almost half.

In technical terms, insulin resistance diabetes is also known as impaired insulin sensitivity. In this medical condition, the body needs more and more of insulin (whether produced naturally or taken up through artificial methods). The bad news in this regard is that insulin resistance tends to get increasingly worse as the time passes by.

The inability of the body to produce and utilize insulin and increasing level of glucagon has a number of adverse effects on the human body. On one end, it resulting in worsening of the diabetic condition of a patient, and on the other end of the spectrum, it is also proven to lead to other medical conditions like heart diseases and numerous others.

Medical equipment known by the name of insulin pump is generally used to control the injection of insulin into the human body. Insulin pump is a less painful way than using other injecting methods for insulin into the body. Not only it is a precise method but also more easy and convenient to use. It also decreases the possibility of other side effects and impediments.

Recent advancements in insulin pumps are paving the way to increased acceptance of this equipment among patients and doctors. Today’s insulin pumps allow the patient to keep track of the present and previous amount on insulin injected, level of glucagon and also allow them to transfer this data to keep a log for future reference.

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