The worst car paintjobs ever

What exactly are the worst car paintjobs ever? While Deadmau5 paid homage to the internet sensation Nyan Cat with his sky blue Fezza and pixelated feline graphics – done very tongue-in-cheek, might we add – there are some rather uncool car colour combinations from the past that have been created with all seriousness.


We’ll stick with Deadmau5’s most unusual hue for his Italian supercar for the moment. Replacing every Ferrari badge with a prancing cat and bolting on his “Purrari” personalised number plate has certainly made it a unique vehicle.


Isn’t the Bugatti Veyron meant to be the ultimate expression of wealth and style? A hypercar that proves you don’t need wings and gills everywhere to command attention? Someone thought not. This “#BugARTi” was created by the remote control car artist PopbangColour. And far from being a serious custom paintjob, it was actually created as a promotional tool for the Wilton House Classic and Supercar day.


This, however, we’re less enamoured with. There have been some dubious liveries on a number of special edition Veyrons, but the Grand Sport Venet is one of the most questionable. From a distance it looks like it’s rusted at the front, or been driven through a cloud of tomato soup at its 255mph top speed.


This Mansory-tuned Rolls-Royce Ghost proves that wealth and taste are definitely not proportional. Bright blue exterior paintwork and bright blue leather contrast with the most horrible, glitzy gold grille and gold interior ‘highlights’ we’ve ever seen.


And you thought the first Mansory entry was bad? This matt baby pink Bentley Continental GT arguably takes things one step further. The contrasting carbonfibre bonnet is crass and the even brighter cerise interior would make us feel physically ill.


It seems Nimrod Performance can’t help but meddle with the glorious design of the basic Ferrari 458 Italia. If you thought the red and white of Nimrod’s previous Ferrari-modifying effort was bad, think again. This black and gold creation isn’t going to be winning any beauty pageants.


Sometimes footballers get a bad rep for what they do to their cars. However, they often don’t help themselves. Take the former Premier League star El Hadji Diouf. He had his Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren – one of the finest supercars to ever grace the Queen’s highway – wrapped in a chrome mirror finish.


Citroen teamed up with the cosmetics manufacturer Benefit to create a very pink DS3. Finished in Benefit’s signature pink and yellow colours, with candy stripes on the roof, it’s not just the exterior decor that’s outrageous. The special DS3 gets pink leather edging to the seats, Benefit scatter cushions and even a make-up kit inside.

10We’re not targeting Fiat here by any means, but when you paint a Panda purple and target it at young mums – calling the resultant car the Panda Mamy – it’s not a great look, is it? Fiat, females like other colors than purple, you know.

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