Wear It Anywhere: A Surprisingly Easy Hot Cross Bun Tutorial

Sometimes all you would like may be a pretty hairstyle that you just will throw along in a very matter of minutes. A hairstyle that may be done without the help of a mirror — say in your automotive, the room, or perhaps as you’re walking from purpose A to purpose B.

Today’s hairstyle tutorial — the versatile hot coffee roll — could terribly can work that bill, particularly as you observe it and recreate it a few of times. I like this updo as a result of not solely are you able to recreate it anyplace, you can conjointly wear it anyplace. For instance, you’ll be able to wear it to the workplace, out with your girlfriends or on trip day. Let’s dig in and check out my hot coffee roll tutorial together!

Wear It Anywhere A Surprisingly Easy Hot Cross Bun Tutorial


Step 1 – PART Your Hair

I think a deep facet half enhances this hairstyle very well. To do this, use the sharp tip of a rat tail comb (or one thing similar) and drag from the front of your head to the rear wherever you would like your half to fall. Comb your hair over. You’ll be able to get in together with your comb and certify the road is de facto straight.

Step 2 – Criss Cross Action

Pull a region of hair from the facet of your head with the foremost hair. While not twisting this section, pull it across your head and secure it on the other facet with officer pins. Repeat this same action with a chunk of hair from the opposite facet. Conceal the officer pins as best as you’ll be able to and tuck the tip items beneath the already secured sections of hair. It’s not too huge of a deal if the officer pins show, however a trifle concealing action doesn’t hurt.

Step 3 – Repeat again

Repeat identical method you probably did in step 2 with an extra 2 sections of hair from either facet of your head. You’ll doubtless stop here and wear your hair “half up,” otherwise you will keep going.

Step 4 – create a low ponytail

You’ve got the recent crossed sections, currently it’s time to try to your bun! Before we do this, though, 1st brings the remainder of your hair along into an occasional hair style.

Step 5 – Wrap your bun

Gently wrap your hair round the base of your hair style to make easy twisted bread. polish off any stray items in each your criss-crossed section and bread. Gently spritz some hairspray to carry everything into place and so set about your day. Pretty sweet, huh?

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