In this article we will tell about some of the winter fashion. We all wear the warm and thick clothe sin winters. Everyone goes for jeans, sweaters, hoodies, shawls, and boots etc which are normally considered winter dressing. Even if you do not have completely matching set of clothes you can always wear a different shirt with a slightly different colored sweater or coat. You can even match your shawls and mufflers.

If you wear jeans you must be aware of the different styles they come in ranging from the skinny ones to the bold cuts or classic ones. They come in all sort of colors ranging from the wide range of blue shades to black, brown and even white. If you want to dress in a funky way for some party you can always go for colored jeans as red, pink or orange. The same goes for tights that are quite common these days. They come in all sort of bright and funky colors apart from the regular ones. So with your jeans or tights you can combine a long sweater, a short one, a coat or blouse or anything that you feel comfortable with. So in this way you can dress in an impressive way not to mention that all these things will also help you stay protected from the chilly wintery air



In this article we will discuss winter clothing like coats and hoods. Wearing a coat makes you look elegant and trendy. There are coats of various lengths. Some are very long while others reach just the waist. However if you are wearing the coat to protect yourself from cold air you must buy that one that reaches till your knees or below. They are available in all sorts of colors but the most common ones are black, brown and shades of creamy white.

Since one cannot afford to buy a coat to match with the color of every dress so go for one that will match your most of the clothes such as black or dark brown. Some coats are also in colors as red, yellow, pink etc and they look cute when worn with matching attire. The coats come in different styles; some have big buttons while others have the neck design styled with fur. However I prefer the simpler the coat the more elegant it looks on a person. You can also wear a muffler around your neck and part of it is tucked inside the coat.

There are coats that come with a hood. One can use it to cover their heads when they go out. Moreover hoods will offer you greater protection when you go out in the chilly air as compared to covering your head with simple scarves or hats.

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